IT Infrastructures & Maintenances

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We can help you improve the way you do business IT systems for buildings or managed services are ideal for companies. Q8astro Solutions provides your building and its tenants with connectivity and contingency.
Either installing the building with the IT infrastructure or working with the current one, Q8astro Solutions makes sure all your offices, rooms, devices, and telephones are connected. We can help you manage, troubleshoot and solve IT-related issues from escalating. This helps managers and owners avoid the headache of managing the IT within their properties.

Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

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Cloud storage is one of the best investments a small business can make. Disasters strike, devices get misplaced and you never know when you'll need access to files on the go. Cloud storage is also the perfect file-sharing tool, especially for documents and multimedia files are too large to send by email. Whether you need a reliable data backup solution, instant access to files wherever you are or a simple way to share files with clients and colleagues — or all of the above — there is a cloud storage service for you. Here are 22 cloud storage solutions for small businesses.

Web Hosting & Development

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We believe that simplicity is the key for attraction. Our designing team is highly capable of creating websites that are attractive to brows and look at, guaranteeing that your visitors will LOVE to spend more time on your website time and time again. And supported with our exceptionally well-built codes, you can rest assured that your browsing your website would be an effortless joy to all your visitors.

Q8astro Solutions owns and maintains its own servers in a carrier-class facility in the United States. With multiple levels of security, back-up power generators, complete with around the clock network monitoring and multiple carrier and network options and no-less than 5 Tier-1 backbone connections, this state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to guarantee up to 99.5% secure up time.
We manage all activity, which means we know all of the code and software installed. The bottom line, our hosting solutions are designed to provide you with a laid back experience.