About Us


Q8astro Solutions is a service-company that utilizes proven technologies in creative ways to deliver practical solutions to our clients in Kuwait. Founded in 2007, Q8astro Solutions understands the economics that drive the Information Technology industry and the need to deliver practical solutions that generate a return on our clients’ investment in technology. We understand our clients seek to implement solutions based on proven technology to improve the satisfaction of their customers. Simply, Q8astro Solutions believes that the best technology is often driven by the desire of our clients to deliver superior customer service. We know our clients seek to lower operating costs making their products and services more affordable and available to a wider market.s.

Our Team


The Q8astro Solution steam is comprised of tech-savvy individuals that understand the economics of the business segments where we choose to invest our capital and human resources. Q8astro attracts individuals who understand that teamwork is the key to success and that our customers are not simply clients, but are also part of the Q8astro Solutions team. Our professional office environment fosters hard work and collaboration amongst our team and with our clients.